Bowling tournament upcoming. I need something to wear!

To emphasize that I am more than just a lazy ass who swears off social interaction at work, I signed on for the upcoming bowling tournament with much dread.

Please let me emphasize the obvious: I have the athletic ability of a mushroom. Meaning, the only way I can pass off as Sporty Spice is to lip sync “Wannabe” on videoke. Two, my concept of bowling is to throw the danged thing on the lane and wish it will hit a pin or two. And third, I hate organized social interactions at work. Especially one that will require us to wear cheaply-made uniform corporate t-shirts.

So why did I do it? I know for a fact that my position at work calls that I should know people, at least even superficially. And I really needed to work out.

With the upcoming activity, I am already putting together my “bowling wear” in my mind. It has to be something nice and comfortable, and preppy because that’s the way I liked things. A quick search on the net yielded the following results:

Preppy wear from Lacoste

I love this look from Lacoste, though I will definitely change the skirt to something more comfortable and appropriate for my huge tights and my giant butt. I think Uniqlo has nice shorts available in the Philippines.

Tuck Flare Shorts from Uniqlo (not available in the Philippines) :((

This will look amazing when paired with a button down shirt or a collared shirt (ala Lacoste) paired with a good pair of Oxfords and sheer white ankle socks from Forever 21.

From Spring 2008 collection of Luella

I’d wear this with flat oxfords or tennis whites instead of the choice of footwear. And of course, there’s a need to lose the jacket considering that the venue for the tournament does not have top notch air conditioning.

I love option 4, 5 and 6!

I know this may sound shallow, but since I know shit about bowling — I’d just wing in by looking decent! Hopefully, me looking decent will add to my team’s points. Hahaha! Yeah, right.

Hopefully, I can conjure something out from my existing wardrobe, because my bank account cannot accommodate a trip to Uniqlo right now. However, given the choice between attending the tournament wearing jogging pants, big corporate shirts and rented bowling shirts, I’d rather ask my DH to sponsor my new clothes.

2 Replies to “Bowling tournament upcoming. I need something to wear!”

  1. I don’t mind organized sports at the office…as long as they don’t force me. It’s supposed to fun and relaxing right? Had they wanted to force people to join, then I would’ve suggested they include it in the job description hehe.

    I was forced to play badminton twice here at work. It was alright. There were fun moments…and then there were moments were your teammates acted like they were playing for Olympic Gold and you (meaning I) stood out like a sore thumb because my badminton skills are just enough to be played on the streets outside a friend’s house. The worse thing is hearing smart @ss comments from said teammates alluding to the fact that you’re not as awesome as they are.

    Oh and did I mention there’s an “awarding ceremony” afterwards? Ugh. It’s just an excuse for the bosses to see you sing and dance.

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