I never knew fear until I saw you…

skary spice

Dear Ms. Kardashian,

I must konfess that this look of yours scared the shit out of me.

You must seriously talk to your stylists and tell them that the next time you had a brilliant idea of “going disco or the 70s”, please tell you to shut it and stick to your sexy bondage dresses and kleavage-revealing tops. Because,seriousy girl, you look fiiiiiiiiiiine when you stick to tired tried and tested styles that highlights your booty and the “girls up there”.

But since I’ve seen these pictures here, I’ve developed a strong aversion and fear of klowns, for reasons still unknown. I am reminded of that creepy movie, “It” which I saw when I was barely out of grade school. Now, I couldn’t take a piss on the downstairs T&B without the hubby waiting for me outside the bath room door, assuring me that “Pennywise the Kardashian Klown is not waiting for me, ready to rip my throat.

I assure you ma’am that otherwise, and without this skary make-up, you are a beautiful woman with obviously an enviable body and bank account. You’ve rocked a lot of kool looks and it will be really great (for my emotional well being) if you will stay away from this look. I assure you that no one but Ms.Ross can rock the ‘do and the make-up.

Thank you.

Skaredy Kat Me šŸ™‚

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