Finding the perfect pair of shorts

Remember when I posted before how much I hated buying pants and shorts because nothing fits me?
Maybe it’s the fact that I have too much “junk in the trunk” but I’ve come to dread buying anything especially from local stores because nothing seemed to fit. Well yes, I can always buy at Marks & Spencer and Debenham’s where they have my size, but I don’t exactly have a trust fund to support that kind of high-end shopping.

Last Sunday, Dear Hubby (DH) and I went to Greenhills Shopping Center to look for a collectible toy that he have been hankering over and over in the last few weeks. You see, Greenhills is a shopping haven located in a city called San Juan twenty-minutes from where I live, Makati City. Greenhills is like the well-off sister of another Manila shopping mecca called, Divisoria.

After looking at some of the collectible toy shops, DH and I went around the bazaar area where you can buy clothes, footwear, gadgets, fake branded bags (seriously, people?) and well, toys and accessories as well. After DH and I passed by a shop selling walking shorts in larger sizes, hubby convinced me to buy already because he knew I always have a hard time looking for shorts that fits me (or my ginormous behind, at least).

So I asked for something that might fit me, picked a color, headed inside the makeshift fitting room and sucked my breath…

…what do you know, it fits! So, yeah I bought it!

my purchases from Greenhills: my navy blue shorts, unmentionables in green and red, cologne and hand sanitizer from Bench

I was so happy that I resolved to remember the stall number and where it’s located. I am going back for jeans and more shorts. The navy blue walking shorts just cost me PHP250 (roughly less than 7USD). I love this store already!

My favorite cologne and my new Skull ring

I also replenished my supply of this cologne which I always buy from Bench, a local lifestyle store very famous among locals. I buy most of my clothes and majority of my Christmas gifts here. One of the products I love is this cologne called “Beautiful Body” which has a sweet yet refreshing scent that is not cloying or annoying at all. This is a collaboration of the well-known brand with a famous Filipino actress, and honestly I think one of their best scents. I also bought a hand sanitizer because you couldn’t touch anything in this city without contracting anything, plus a really nice skull ring to add to my collection.

Finally, I don’t have to stick to wearing skirts and dresses all the time.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. mzsura says:

    Love shopping at Greenhills! Makes me excited for my trip back home to the Philippines in a few months!!!

    1. lanilakwatsera says:

      Greenhills looks a lot better now — with many choices and interests.
      Hope you enjoy your trip back home!

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