Money matters and the search for part-time work continues

Sorry for the intermittent post.
I am really having a rough week at work, I think I am losing all the good mojo I deposited when I was starting. Add to that new albeit very minor health concerns that just kept on popping one after the other. Yes, the might be not life threatening but they are small nuisances that I’d rather not have in my life. Oh, I won’t even begin with my issues with people that seemed to exist just to make my life miserable.

As much as possible, I try not to write anything about work in this blog because I am keeping this space separate from my professional life. Oh, corporate life kills me no end. Certain deliverables within my area of work is not being met and I am always at the receiving end of countless dressing downs. God, there are days when I just want to quit but I love it too much to throw in the towel. Besides, I have the best boss (she’s OC but she has a heart of Gold) and I respect her too much to give up on her. I also respect my job because it gives me the means to travel. I guess I just have to grin and bear it. I am also exploring other means to earn money.

The other day, I was offered by my friend the opportunity to host a mini fashion show for dogs in an out-of-place mall located in Southern Manila. The event is happening in October and will be part of a whole day activity featuring ’em cutie, little creatures. While I have an inane fear of crowds (big crowds scare me) and I have no experience in semi-professional event hosting, I found myself saying “yes.” I don’t know maybe I got tired of saying no and missing opportunities.

If the event and the offer pushes through, it will be my first official part-time gig as event host. Not a bad way to earn extra bucks, right?

This also got me thinking that maybe I should maximize and earn from what I know: I know how to draw and paint, I was a professional writer, I know how to organize and host events and yet I seem to just be wasting away my opportunities.

According to a blog I’ve read, if I want to be truly financially-capable before I turn 40, I should look for other opportunities that will augment my income. Because really, with low Philippine wages and the high government tax, it will take me years in order to build a comfortable nest egg.

freelance writing hire me
picture not my property

I’ve decided that I will try to find writing opportunities that will put premium in what I do. More than earning extra on the side, I really miss writing. From the time I graduated from university up until I was 24 years old, writing has always been my bread and butter. It’s one thing that I love doing, even if the pay is not that great. Well, at least lifestyle writing gives you free shampoo, free feminine wash, free soap, etc. — which shortens the grocery list considerably 🙂

Honestly, I really want to go back to creative writing since it’s one thing that I seriously love doing. Unfortunately, my resume no longer affords me the opportunity to pursue managerial-level writing gigs so the best I can do for now is to be a contributor.

Earlier, I saw dear hubby browsing on a role-playing card game event which was featured on an online magazine. I made a wise-ass remark that it looked like a big-time geek convention, until a reality dawned on me. These guys, the so-called “gaming geeks” might be dubbed as such, but I am sure they are very much happy and contented with their respective jobs. I mean, they must have the coolest job in the world: they are paid good money to do something they truly love doing.

Oh, if I can also have that kind of career–I will be the happiest woman on earth.

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