Getting a boost from my Inspiration Wall

Sorry for the intermittent posting. Life, as always, has been tough for me this week. Got a massive dressing down from the boss last Friday, ensuring that my weekend has been ruined and ruined in the process.

The weird, unreliable weather somehow managed to make bad things go to worse than one would think. While I was gleefully receiving a scolding from the office power-that-be, I was also stupidly looking at the storm unfolding outside my boss’ office windows. Honestly, it felt like a bad props or background material to the thorough dressing down that I was experiencing at that point. Nice try, Life — you really always manage to make a fool out of me.

The weather here in the Philippines is not so good — we are currently experiencing a smattering of rain showers, strong winds and occasional flooding, no thanks to busted pipes, clogged up waterworks and Metro Manila’s continuous stupidity of throwing their trashes just about anywhere. The other day, the ocean spat tons of garbages brought by callous people who live in various water ways. One hour it will be raining and the next minute you feel like Manila will be swallowed by its own garbage. Truth is, sometimes it’s our neglect that brings harm into our lives.

With Friday doing not so great, I decided to consolidate the various pictures and what-not in my desk to the barren wall to my right:

inspiration wall
My inspiration wall at work — containing things and people that always remind me not to ive up

I took this picture on that same day. My inspiration wall serves as a quick reminder that there are people who will always believe in me, no matter how shitty the outcome maybe. Sometimes, with all the drama happening in my life, I am reminded that there will always be people who will be beside you, no matter if it’s rain or shine. I also realized that I may not be the best but people will always cheer for me.

I guess from my previous post, you can sense that I am pretty fed-up with the slow manner of things I have at work. It’s frustrating and taxing. Last Friday takes the cake for the various victory and challenges thrown at me. Literally, the wall served as a reminder that there are a lot of people who believed in what I do, silently cheering and egging me on. It is comforting to think that in this very chaotic world, you don’t need to listen to every opinion that comes your way. I am happy that when I close my eyes, and when I filter the noise, I no longer need to listen to WHAT OTHERS SAY. I know that in the end, the opinion that only matter (and should only matter) is that of my family and friends.

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