Seeing life through my kitty glasses

My best friend (since I was sixteen) sent me this awesome glasses for my birthday.

fashionable reading glasses
My new Kitty eye glasses

I have always loved cats, and I have a (closeted) affinity to Hello Kitty, even if I don’t admit it to anybody but my husband and my best friend. But when you look closely, my Blackberry is sheathed in a pink and purple Hello Kitty silicon phone case. You will also see Hello Kitty figures in my closet and a pink Hello Kitty bag which I use for shopping. In short, I am a closeted fan of the pink feline, the same way I am a closeted fan of Britney Spears (haha!)

Anyway, with the too much cuteness presented to me, what can I do but wear the glasses over and over again?

nerdy girl
I love it when I go nerdy

Paired it with a frilly dress (with horse patterns!) and front bow which I found at my favorite thrift shop, black tights and baby doll shoes. Sorry I don’t have any full body photos of myself but I was the happiest nerd you could find in my office building.

Wore it again the next day, with my favorite plaid dress (gifted), black tights and brown boots.

nerd girl
kitty specs
chilling out
chilling out on my sister’s bedroom floor

Again, I managed to get past Human Resources with my office attire — and I continue to skirt past the office rules for corporate attire. Personally, I think I am not breaking the rules since I come to the office more fully clothed and presentable than some of the people I see every Friday. The only difference is that I veer away from the usual jeans and t-shirt combo which seemed to be very prevalent among my colleagues. And besides, I am not showing any skin, all my clothes are clean and well-pressed. So, I think I am still in the clear. I am just not sure if this will continue on until next year. I can continue praying to my lucky stars.

Haven’t posted some of my office outfit shots. Here’s one I wore two Fridays ago:

fashion at work
white V neck shirt for PHP175, collar necklace for less than PHP170, Ms. Selfridge clam digger pants bought on sale PHP500 and Ichigo two -toned shoes…and my favorite hat bought for PHP120 at the Landmark
kamikaze girl
wearing my favorite collar necklace

4 Comments Add yours

  1. fizzywoohoo says:

    Matagal ko na gusto mag glasses for fashion purposes…but wala akong bridge sa nose haha kaya I can never get away with it. You’re so cool with your clothes talaga. And to find them at bargain prices! Dati nagskiskirt ako all the time kahit sa Pasay pa ako nun nagwowork. Now, wala na..always in pants and 3/4 shirts. Parang boy. =(

    1. lanilakwatsera says:

      Hey F! haha! natawa naman ako sa “walang bridge sa nose” hehe. ikaw talaga. if you notice, i also don’t have. am just a stubborn ass. figured since malaki cheeks ko, it can keep the glasses from slipping. ahihihihi! thanks for the compliment. pero i noticed i tend to go all out with my “fashion weirdness” when I am stressed at work. so yep, the past week has been a fashion extravaganza galore. nyehehehe. 🙂 see u soon!

  2. Jackie Paulson says:

    How did you get kitty on that photo?

    1. lanilakwatsera says:

      Hi Jackie. Thanks for dropping by. If you mean why I referred to that photo as “kitty specs” — its because my glasses had these cute whiskers on it (like hello kitty) and it has hello kitty’s little bow. hope i answered your q! 🙂

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