Oh! The Places I’ll Go!

I decided to develop a travel blog, separate from this blog (The Adventures of Kamikazee Girl) where I usually keep my varying rants and issues in life, fashion, cats and my favorite topic, myself.

The decision to have a new blog is due to the fact that I needed a place where I can write and gather all my travel adventures. You do know that my only happiness in life (save for shoes and satchels) is traveling. Weird as it may sound, I only feel a semblance of being alive when I am making travel arrangements. It may drive me crazy but I am most happiest when I am making spreadsheets for our travel arrangements and cost. This insane OC-ness started in 2008, for the bonding trip I had with my siblings prior to getting married and continued to this day. The last one in fact was our seven-day sojourn in Busan and Seoul.

oh the places you will go
here’s the cover of my new blog.

Obviously, the inspiration for the name is Dr. Seuss’ famous novel “Oh! The Places You Will Go,” a staple gift for graduating kids anywhere. Personally, I love the message of the book – a kind and determined reminder of the long travel ahead. I don’t believe that one must graduate from school in order to appreciate this book.

All of us are travelers, after all.

In one way or the other, we are going somewhere – either in the middle of a really complicated journey, or stuck in a God-forsaken station. I’d like to believe (and hope) that I am one of those who are in the midst of the exciting journey. I do not like being stuck somewhere.

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