A Diamond forged in Fire and Stone

It must not be easy being The Queen.

HM Queen Elizabeth II
(pic not my property)

As the United Kingdom marked the 60th Anniversary of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II to the throne, I was simply in awe of how a young woman — recently married, a new mother and still reeling from the death of her beloved father — can take that brave step towards the Crown and her ultimate reign sixty years ago.

I never was a fan of the Royals. I find them fascinating and well-dressed and extremely regal, but I was never the one to stake online websites trying to be abreast on what they’re up to. Though, I do always, always take a double take when I see news on Prince William when he was still a teenager cos he was fricking dreamy. Not as much now that he is married, a Duke and seemed very obvious that he is very much aware of the responsibilities awaiting him when he takes the throne. The hottest royal for me of course, is The Soldier Prince, Prince Harry — the Hussain Bolt-competing, hug-throwing and disco-dancing rebel-rouser who managed to bring Rock and Roll to the Royals of UK.

Her Majesty, The Queen
(pic not my property)

But Queen Elizabeth utterly fascinates me. I find her resolve and gentle aloofness endearing. How can she be Queen and grandmother at the same time? I find it impressive that her marriage to the Prince (her first and one true love) stood the test of time and monarchy. I am inspired that a young woman of 26 can make the ultimate sacrifice for her country and her people.

For us who were reared with tales of Kings, Queens and Princesses courtesy of Walt and the Brothers Grimm, royalty meant jewels as big as fists glittering in the moonlight, heavy brocade dresses, a velvet sash and a golden scepter — I am sure the title came with a lot of more baggage than that. In spite her personal battles and the changing of the times, the Queen of England remained an inspiration to her people. This was more than obvious seeing the dedication and pride of the Brits during her Jubilee celebration.

Long Live the Queen!

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