Happy Endings, Dark Tagaytay Highways & Wishful Memories.

Two of my favorite people in the universe got married last night. Their relationship was a surprise for everyone and it was nice that the off-expected pairing came to a happy ending.

Never saw the bride and groom so happy until yesterday. The bride was a sweet go-getter who loved adventure and all things green (she is an avid nature buff) while the groom was single for a very loooong time and was rumored to be a hopeless playboy. I guess, he finally found his one true love.

the couple’s first dance

The couple got married in this beautiful quaint little church in Tagaytay, San Antonio de Padua Quasi Parish.

Though for couples who have plans to get married in this church, please do note that it is quite far from the highway and would entail guests to drive inside a long winding narrow street prior to finding the church. I, along with fellow office mates, was fortunate enough to hitch a ride from my wedding godmother because otherwise, we don’t think we can manage to find a place on our own or even commuting! If you can get past that and can arrange transportation for your guests, then you will enjoy the quiet ambience (no street noise!) and the nice interior. The front would also look great for your post-ceremony nuptial pictures.

The reception was held in Villa Ibarra in Tagaytay. I love the Ibarra Chain of Restaurants and reception venues. When I got married three years ago, the reception was held in Ibarra’s Garden in Malate, a stone’s throw away from Malate Church. As expected, service was superb and reeked of understated elegance. Food was also good and filling, cleverly rationed to feed all your guests.

The wedding was a mix of laughter and tears. The bride’s little sister (the remaining single one in the family) cried bucket of tears, grieving for losing her usual partner yet happy to be gaining another member of the family. The bride, understandably, was emotional due to the stress of wedding preparations and the finality of being married to the love of her life.

I also love the fact that I get to see my friends from my previous company. I love these people so much, and even if I have left the company for more than two years already–I have nothing but good memories and much love for the people in this company. Though my leaving was brought by a very painful incident, this company remained (and will probably remain) as the organization that I will hold close to my heart. So, dropping by for the carpool was such a good experience in a way that people still treated me like I never left at all.

I am sure all of you also have former jobs whom you continue to look back with fond memories and such sadness. Mine was this job. And honestly, even now I always ask myself if it was worth leaving at all in the first place. Maybe I should have just suck up the agony I was feeling at the hands of my former boss but— you know, life works in really breathtaking ways.


Okay, with this out of the way, may I just say that the roads going to and from Tagaytay going back to Manila is annoyingly dark at night? We left the wedding at 730PM and the drive back to Manila was both dangerous and taxing, made difficult by the fact that there were no functional lights on the long winding road going back to Manila. Yes, the government had to install light fixtures along the highways, but the lights were so dim–obviously meant for decorative purposes, not to save lives of motorists and drivers. You have to note that my godfather who was at the wheel last night was finding it difficult to navigate the road, due to his poor eyesight, the fog and the useless lights installed on the street curb.

Yes, decorative lights will obviously make the road pretty, but what’s the use of a pretty highway when they are accident magnets? I am sure that Tagaytay, being a tourist city, values safety and comfort of the many local and foreign tourists who frequent the city. Reflectorized highway markers and functional light fixtures would mean a lot to those who go up the city to enjoy the beautiful weather and the awesome views brought by the Taal Lake.

Let’s put our taxes to good use, right?

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