That tiny piece of fabric you put between your legs — and what it’s for

Stumbled upon an article where the paps were treated to a display of Miley Cyrus’ lady bits — because apparently, she is panty-less.

This–along with the various online trashes of celebrities giving photogs and the paps precious money shots due to the varying displays of the land down there — got me thinking…are panties that effing expensive that even celebrities can’t afford to wear one? LOL.

Smile! You’re on flash camera! (both pictures not my property)

I don’t even know why these people forgot to wear their underwear. When you take a bath, isn’t it that a pair of clean underwear is the first thing you put on? I don’t know about you, but I’ll be pretty damn sure that I don’t have underwear when it feels too breezy down there.

I am sure there must be some mind-blowing thrill of not wearing anything to cover the lady parts. Imagine having no underwear and be at work? Or at the supermarket? It must be heaven being liberated from the confines of the small yet utterly constricting piece of fabric. I guess it will fly if you were wearing fitted jeans (not the baggy kind which displays not only the itty bits but your bum as well?) but to be without an underwear and wearing a skirt or a frilly dress?

Uhm, please refer to picture above and you’ll get the idea.

The net has hundreds more on these kind of pictures, but the image of an exposed vajayjay is not really something you wish to see over and over again. (I guess?) In fairness to Ms. Spears on the picture above, she has her panties on — a tiny sliver that left little to the imagination.

At the risk of this blog going all NSFW, point is why can’t these people buy good underwear and save themselves from the embarrassment of having their Vs displayed for all the world to see…possibly forever?

I am sure with their massive bank accounts, they can buy whatever underwear they want to: La Perla, Natori and whatever expensive piece of clothing they can get their hands on. I am sure a good supply won’t do their bank accounts any harm. Please, have pity on our eyeballs.

Have an underwear on.

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