Words, for sale.

I finally had the courage to apply for freelance writing jobs online. This after weeks and weeks of deliberation — arguing with myself whether I have the knack for this, will I have the time and more importantly, will someone even bother to work with me.

As much as possible, I try to contribute stories to some publications and even online, but I am not after getting paid. It’s more on getting published and continuing to get my name out there even though I stopped being a reporter a decade ago. Luckily, I still get published once in a while.

The reason to finding a second job, aside from the first one who I love to pieces, is due to monetary concerns. Cash has been pretty tight as of late and there are still a lot of things that I really need to do. Immediately on top of the list is moving out of the little hole we rent from my ‘rents and finally to a place where we can really call our own. I also wanted to start really saving up for important things like having the seed money for travel plus the anticipated hospitalization for my hubby who needs to have multiple gallstones removed.

picture not mine

Don’t get me wrong, I love my current job — and I love the predictability of being employed, with health benefits, an HMO card that I can use each time I accidentally injure myself, the annual bonuses…I love the safety net it affords me. Unfortunately, the money I earn is not enough to pay the bills, save money for our house, save money for our plans. As much as I hate money, it keeps the world spinning and it keeps my dream afloat.

So, I sent my resume to some people I found over the internet, hopefully for jobs that only require my internet connection and my laptop. Of course, I am dedicating my 8 to 5 to my day job but I am willing to spend my waking hours after 5PM to crafting articles and doing researches, should I find an online job.

I am keeping my fingers crossed. I know God, in His generosity, will provide.

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