Our Little Dwelling would look like this

The Hubby and I have been seriously contemplating on moving out from the small (emphasis on the word SMALL) space that we are currently renting from my parents. This has been a long time coming — we wanted to stay at first because it saves us rent and food money. Plus, my parents really needed the extra hand at home especially since The Brat, my brother can’t be relied while The Queen has relocated up north. But after one of our serious discussions, The Hubby and I decided that we can’t be like this anymore. We have become too confident and reliant on my mom and dad. We also wanted the privacy and freedom and the responsibility of owning our own place.

We have been thinking of getting a loan out of the government in order to buy a condo unit. I don’t know about other countries, but owning a home in the Philippines, particularly in Makati City (where we live, the central business district of the country) is quite expensive. With our current salary, the best we can afford –if we want a property of our own — is a house in a province that is an hour or two away from Manila (that is barring traffic). If we want to get central, there are mid-rises that we can consider, but the space will be equivalent of a shoe closet, and it’s still not within the city.

The talks about owning a home made me realize (and even look forward) to what design to give our little space.

For walls, I’ve always wanted it to be gun metal gray or white provided it is done in a really good finish. I’ve always wanted a wall done in gunmental gray, then I’d accentuate it with a really nice color:

From DWELL Magazine

I’ve always wanted…even dreamed of getting really nice furniture and maximizing whatever small space that I may have:

photo from Modern Architecture Concept
from Dream Designs.com

In my mind, I will live in a place with really cool storage solutions (since I hate clutter) and a really good interior design. A girl can always dream — can’t I?

Modern Architecture Component

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