If you’re the kind of traveler who’d rather do the booking and taking care of the stuff on your own, I am sure that like me–you always try to find value for money. Maximizing the bucks you have to find the best places to stay, eat and even hang-out, then getting that thrill of finding a really good place and saving enough pocket money to add to your “souvenir fund”.

Baguio is almost home to us, having been here countless of times that I care to count. Writing this review, I realized that our family hasn’t stayed in any hotel ever. We always choose the comforting chaos and cost efficiency of staying in transient homes. We had our share of bad choices, but we also had a share of amazing discoveries like Transient House Baguio in Crystal Cave and our recent discovery, Le Chateau in Upper Quary Road.

We discovered Le Chateau after we were informed (quite regretfully) by the owner of Baguio Transient Home that the place is fully booked. Good thing we were given the opportunity to find Le Chateau.

home away from home
living room

Le Chateau is an apartment-type transient area located at Upper Quary Road, composed of various apartment units with units that can accommodate groups of 5 to 20 at very low cost. Each room comes with its own cooking implements like stove, pots, among others and is fully furnished down to the rest room located near the kitchen.


living room

The rooms are named and themed after colors and so far, the pink room (which we rented) was the largest one. If you are curious, there are also rooms catering to friends and large groups.

The units are all housed in a huge condo-type apartment enclosed in a large gate. Security is not really an issue since there are CCTV cameras everywhere. If you plan on driving up north, the place can accommodate your car for parking.

Rentals range from PHP2500 to PHP4000, depending on the season. Peak season in Baguio is during the Panagbenga Festival (held every February, I think).

Okay–that was the positives, what about the negatives? First, water pressure can be too weak at night. You have to start collecting water in a pail if you wanted your bath to quick and continuous. Second, there were no free coffee or mineral water. Maybe we were comparing it with Baguio Transient House who offered us free coffee and mineral water upon check in. At Le Chateau, you have to buy that on your own. Simple thing really…but it would mean a lot if you’re the type who liked having coffee at 11 in the evening, like my weird and crazy family.

All in all, I will recommend Le Chateau for those who liked taking time off in Baguio. You may get in touch with Sonny Ticwala at the numbers indicated on their blog page.