Chasing all the nasty pores away

While I was not blessed with the height nor the body of a supermodel, I am lucky to have been blessed with fuss free skin. The last time I had pimples was when I was sixteen and a university freshman. After that, I barely had the usual worries associated with women: pimples, blackheads and acne.

Since–thankfully–I have low maintenance skin, I don’t have to buy tons of skin products, which I have no idea how to use either. As long as I have my facial wash, I am good. I am not particular with the brand and I really use everything, whether it’s catalog-bought or something much more expensive than what I am used to.

During our trip to Seoul a month ago, my sister and I figured that we might as well splurge a little on their cosmetics and skin products. After all, if there’ someone who knows skin care, it’s them lovely Koreans. In Myeongdong, where my sister and I stayed, cosmetics and skin care boutiques litter the street one after another that their sales ladies employ a lot of tactics to attract the many tourists walking the long stretch of Myeongdong.

Inside Nature Republic, I asked the friendly sales staff what she can recommend as a good facial wash. She took one look at my skin and recommended Fresh Farm Charcoal Foam Cleanser. She mentioned that while I do not have oily skin, this variant of Fresh Farm cleanser line will significantly shrink the pores on my face, leaving a smoother and more supple skin.

I bought the cleanser for roughly KRW4,000 (less than PHP200 or USD 5), and immediately used it after I landed in Manila. And what can I say, it was really good. The creamy texture of the cleanser blends well with water to produce a rich lather which you then massage gently into your face. Leaves the skin feeling refreshed and tight after every wash.

creamy texture

After about a month of using it, I can assure you that this product really works. I noticed that I have smaller pores on my face and no longer felt oily especially when I am out in the sun. I pair the facial wash with a milk tea cream I bought from Etude House and both complemented each other well.

My problem now is where the hell will I get my foam cleanser when supply runs out. I didn’t have the foresight of buying a lot of the Fresh Farm variant when I was still in Seoul. I can always try a new brand like Etude House or Face Shop, but I am not sure if they’ll be as expected as Nature Republic.

3 Replies to “Chasing all the nasty pores away”

  1. I’m a great big fan of charcoal in soap. I didn’t know it could be incorporated into a foaming cleanser. Good luck in finding a replacement!

    1. Hey Alia (nice, nice name!) thank you for dropping by 🙂
      Awww…hopefully, I don’t need to find a replacement cos I really love the one I am using now.
      Would love to know if you have suggestions though 🙂

      1. Well, I hope you don’t have to find an alternate either. It’s always nice to know that something works for you! However, you could try a charcoal soap and see if that has the same effect.

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