Under my umbrella… elah…elah… (Picture of the Day)

I am sorry the quip on the “elah…elah” part is sooo three years ago but I just can’t help it. Anyway, the reason for said cheesiness is the picture below:

I present to you the cutest umbrella ever created!

I guess you’ve read somewhere in this blog how I have a certain aversion to bringing ugly umbrellas, and if I have my way, I’d rather traipse in the rain unprotected than be caught dead carrying my mom’s huge umbrella. Anyway, my good friend F prolly took pity of me and got fed up of my reports being rain soaked just because I don’t wanna get caught dead carrying my mom’s umbrella…so, look what she got me from Sunny Bangkok!


The funny thing is after we called it a night, following the short but happy and refreshing meet-up over coffee, I stepped out of the MRT station to a very slight drizzle. As if the sky is testing me to bust out the umbrella and just go. I looked at my umbrella handle’s kawaii face and….started running towards the jeepney station. I don’t wanna get the freaking thing wet! F do not kill me, I just can’t stand something so pretty get ruined by the rain. Anyway, I DO KNOW that F would want me to bust out my still unnamed umbrella (yes, I am planning on naming it) and USE it and definitely stop running like a duck every time it starts pouring in.

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  1. fizzywoohoo says:

    Yes, I want you to use it…cuteness be damned! haha

    Thanks for the cake, coffee and conversations! Right now I’m just praying to god that our other friend and Bitch Master Supreme G is not throwing dagger stares in our direction for meeting up without her. In case you’re reading this G, *in our defense* it was a very quick meet up lang. Nag exchange gift lang kami. I asked her to buy stuff for me & some other kpop addicts when she went to Korea and I had to get those because I’m meeting up with those friends this weekend. You have pasalubong from me from Bangkok also na I’m ashamed to say gusto kong angkinin for myself and wished I bought my own na rin…but it’s for you and that’s how it will stay. I promise we’ll set a date for all three of us also.

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