Days of yore

I’ve mentioned before that I have a few friends and quite frankly, I prefer it that way.
I have a few good friends from years of working and the like minded people I meet through interests, plus my college friends. I am happy with the limited number I have since I can be fiercely protective of my friends.

Anyway, I spent Saturday with my bestest friends from college, simply just to meet up and pass time. One of us is getting married at the end of the year and he is actually the last one who will tie the knot (well, technically we have another friend who’s single but his inability to commit is legendary). It’s always a nice feeling spending time with people who saw you grow up (or fat). It’s like, you can always talk shit with the random people you meet on the street or at work, but you can never talk shit with people who saw you evolve from the stick thin snotty kid to someone who barely resembles a human being today.

Spent time like what we usually do back in college…we play arcade games while alternately insulting one and the other. I’ve been friends with these people for almost 15 years and while we may change in terms of our beliefs and the size of our bank accounts, we still gravitate towards each other. I have never felt more at ease and more relaxed than yesterday…funny how there will always be people who you don’t need to put on a facade. You’re just you.

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  1. fizzywoohoo says:

    Same here. I can pretty much count my friends (tropa, work place, like-minded ones..) too. Funny enough, I don’t keep in touch with college friends. The only super close college friend I had is already in the states, is always super busy with being a nurse…and doesn’t care much for facebook haha I keep in touch more with friends from the workplace as opposed to friends from collage.

    I must admit though that the downside to having few friends (personally) is that I can’t monopolize their time because they have friends as well and I can’t blame them if they can’t spend time with me.

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