Because matching shirts is so yesterday (Photo of the Day)

Bought the long-suffering hubby new boating shoes which I swear looked amazing on him. Saw that the shoes were mighty fiiiiine so I also bought one for myself too. Asked him yesterday if we can wear our matching shoes for our meet-up with my college friends and after a bit of hemming and hawwing — I freaking won!

Awww, we looked awfully cute strolling while wearing our matching shoes. Though I swear I am sure that hubby was thinking if he can wear a paper bag over his head.

As much as I would like to claim originality for this idea, I can’t. While in Korea, I noticed that couples tend to wear matching shoes or even have matching bags, unlike the usual stuff here in the Philippines where lovey-doveys wear “couple shirts”. Since matching shirts ain’t really my thing, I decided to try out the cute coordinated foot wear look. Love it–the hubby should be scared about owning new shoes from now on 🙂

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