Maintaining Commitments

The lack of post on this space for the past few days is not because I have abandoned my blog but because Sky Internet sucks helium in the service department. The house didn’t have our wifi connection for the past three days and you can bet that I have become stir-crazy due to the fact that I can’t access the internet.

I am writing this while I am in the middle of a meeting, reviewing company collaterals as a representative of the company. We have been conducing this review for the past three weeks, with a day allotted to being stuck inside the conference room arguing about the merits of producing a flyer hawking our products and services. As expected, I am going stir-crazy. Hence this post.

Haven’t been able to post pictures for the last four days. Because I do not have the time to take an acceptable picture, and because I have been languishing in my office chair. Yes, back to slave mode once again. This is the thing I hate with starting something that needs commitment. I have commitment issues — the fact that I got married and is able to stay married (AND WITH FULL INTENTIONS TO STAY MARRIED TILL I DIE) amazes the hell out of me. The thing is, which pictures do I post anyway? Will it remain interesting whichever it may be?

As I sit in this cooold conference room, I keep thinking of what life must be if only I am the person who won that danged lotto a month back. I will quit my job, put up a business then just travel. More and more, I realize that I am happiest when I am on the road, roughing it out. And as much as I have dreamed of being a big-shot communications manager, being cooped up inside the office, much more a conference room, has a way of making my brain go on extended summer break. The Seoul trip went on a dizzying blur that here I am again, almost catatonic with boredom. Note that my To Do list is as long as Princess Diana’s bridal train yet I have no choice since I am cooped here.

Good thing there’s friend’s invitations and coffee invites tacked next week or else I would have gone bonkers of not seeing like-minded people. It’s almost twelve and I don’t see the probability of this meeting ending soon.

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  1. fizzywoohoo says:

    Amen my fellow like-minded friend!!! Amen indeed! I miss Thailand already (or in your case Korea…had I been the one who went to Korea, I’m pretty sure I’ll say I miss it too).

    I’ve been bitten by that sneaky bug again that infects people with thoughts like, “Why am I here? Why am I spending my days cooped up in a cube all day long?!” I can still tolerate it but it would be nice to be doing something that makes me feel warm & fuzzy inside.

    For now I guess we should just hang in there. See you tonight!

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