My Week in Seoul in Photos (Days 67-71 of Project 365)

You do know that I have lots to tell you about Korea. How it was one of the best places I’ve been to. 

Granted, Seoul and Busan are beautiful places with nary any trash in sight (lots of cigarette butts though) and wide roads and amazing sights. 

But the best for me is discovering how kind and warm Koreans are. We have been saved from being utterly lost in the streets of Busan and Seoul by kind strangers who in spite the language barrier, helped with all their heart. They even called friends to check on directions and insisted on accompanying two lost people to wherever direction they might be going. 

I always thought that Koreans were a bunch of good looking people, apparently–their beauty go beyond the physical. Kamsahamnida and Saranghae, Korea!


Day 67



Day 68



Day 69



Day 70



Day 71



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