Thrift shop finds (Day 62 of Project 365)

I mentioned in one of my earlier post that I had to go shopping for our clothes for the Seoul trip.
Here’s some of my finds:

These are for the Queen:

I love the details on this button down knitted sweater. I love the Chinese style buttons, which offsets the simplicity of the sweater. I don’t know if you can see it, but the shoulders were highlighted with military type buttons which gave it a more offbeat style. Got this for just PHP220 pesos (roughly USD5.50) and was still in perfect condition.

This cape-style sweater has a cute hood at the back, plus the buttons are really cute too. Again, very simple yet stylish which is really more like my sister’s style. This was bought for only PHP180, or roughly more than USD4.00.

Here’s the thing–my sister and I agree on a lot of things except our taste in clothes. My sister, being the serious overachiever that she is, prefers simple cuts and muted colors. As much as possible, she wants it understated and without any hint of any of the following: laces, cutesy prints, loud or overly dramatic colors. She wants it fashionable but not too fashionable that it screams Shibuya in your face. I, meanwhile, is crazy for any of the things that she detest. I love patterns and laces and polka-dots. I love fashionable, slightly weird clothes that makes me stand out. I am that kind of girl. Here are the things I bought for myself:

This one has laces, polka-dot patterns on the sleeves and well, looks unique

An H&M shirt dress with built in hood. Bought this one for PHP90.00 or USD2.00.

Another cute hoodie, with a large peacock pattern in front. About PHP180 (USD4.00).

As much as my sister is a straight-as-an-arrow corporate girl, she mentioned that she will be needing my help for her styling during this trip. The possibilities are endless.

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  1. I am so into thrift stores. I can’t remember when I last bought something new! Not that I don’t find New at Salvation army…I do all the time, but I don’t buy new from like stores likes Walmart!

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