Arashi is wild at heart….and with the glitter costume too!

Taking a break from the endless spazzing about the upcoming Seoul trip to give way to something of equal importance:

ARASHI has released the full PV for “Wild at Heart” (SOURCE)

Okay, I would just like to explain a few things about myself about this post because the last thing I need are rabid Arashi fans flaming me online for airing MY OBSERVATIONS. I love Arashi myself, but I guess I have come past the point of being too committed to it due to more pressing things in this universe. I will still marry Matsumoto Jun in a heartbeat…oh wait…erm yeah, I realized that the idea can’t be possible because I am already married. (And you thought I’d say it’s because we inhibit two different universe?) Nothing is impossible with love, baby. Hehe!

Anyway, where was I?

Even from the beginning, I have never been the type of fan to blindly follow and accept whatever they or their talent agencies churn out. It’s not just me. So, seeing the new PV spewed a few pressing thoughts:

1. Is it just me or Arashi’s fast songs really have a tendency to sound alike? I’ve noticed it even before and it can’t be more obvious now. You know, the familiar guitar rifts, the melody, the keyboard sequence — all these elements are present in each and every one of their fast songs.

2. Cant’t help but notice how good the boys like…especially my Matsumoto Jun. I love the first few minutes of the song. The black and white ensemble — the rock star, film noir treatment…

…and then, this abomination happened:

I really think that someone from the Jimusho, specifically the one assigned to Arashi, is either really clueless on how to dress these boys or he/she hates them so much to make them wear God-awful outfits. I have been railing about this over and over and over. The coats looked like they were borrowed from Liberace’s closet.

The guys looked so good, it’s just too insulting to even make them wear these really ugly things.

3. What’s up with their really…..ugly choreography? Are they matching it with their hideous outfit?

The Jimusho should really consider my services for the styling thing for the boys. I mean, they don’t even have to pay me prime money…maybe just enough for me to land a swanky apartment somewhere in Toshima-ku. But we all know that in spite this usually sour graping and ranting, I will continue to support and love the vboys and no Japanese idol will take their place.

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