Weekend photos (Day 60-61 of Project 365)

it's gonna be co---o---oooold!
Day 60

Do you wanna know how I look like when I am stressed with work?
Day 61

Still with last minute preparations for the great Seoul Searching trip happening this Wednesday.
These pictures were taken Thursday and Friday while I was working non-stop. Thursday, on a last minute event that made me cry out of frustration and Friday–where I had to be stuck in a whole day meeting while answering e-mails in between. (Yes, my strategy was to sneak out of the meeting by pretending to be on a “pee break” then head straight to my desk where I will answer emails in between).

Yes, I am such a freaking good employee.

As you can see on my picture for Thursday, weather in Seoul is between 10 degrees to a negative 2, thus I am planning to visit my friendly neighborhood ukay-ukay to look for cold-weather clothes. As much as I love to stay in Seoul on a long-term basis, being stuck frozen on the banks of the Han River is not included in my agenda.

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  1. pwtourism04 says:

    Nice post.. I want to visit Seoul someday

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