Munchkin Days (Day 56 for Project 365)

I want you guys to meet someone. Please, for the love of God, resist the urge to laugh cos this picture will blow you away.


call her "Munchkin"

That Little Munchkin was me, a good 20+ years ago.

I think I was chosen to serve as one of the flower girls for one of our neighbors. I remembered that my mom and half of the whole clan dragged little, old me to one of the old churches here in our city through public transpo. Yes, we rode the effing jeep while I was dressed like that.

That day was one of my clearest and fondest memories. I remember arriving in the church and seeing the other flower girls dressed to the nines–I mean it’s obvious that they bought it in some high-end boutique, they were wearing gloves and they look so angelic in their polished make-up.

Well, about me — my mom made my gown, with a piece of cloth she bought wholesale somewhere in Paco (one of the cheapest wholesale markets in Manila). To give color to the gown, she stuck fake little flowers that matched the motif of the wedding (it was pink), then stuck a crown of fake pink flowers on my Dora Explorer hair and then I am off! Don’t even get me started on my make-up which I am sure my mom pegged from one of the Dynasty episodes. I don’t know if I was channeling Cindy Lauper or I was Lady Gaga who traveled back in time in the 80s.

You know why this day is one of my fondest memories? My mom spent countless of hours working on that dress, she had a job in the morning yet worked on that little gown as soon as she arrived home. Also, that day made me feel like I am also (a bit) pretty — being made up and all that. When I was growing up, I kept on getting teased because I had huge eyes and my hair was always messy since I was always playing outside. I was always compared to my sister, who was always the “pretty one”, while I was the “street-savvy one” so being pretty even for a day meant a lot to me.

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