Sugar & Spice… (Day 54 of Project 365)

There are two pictures that I want to show you. These pictures represent a side of me that some people just couldn’t get:

the better to see you, dear!
it's so cute, it's giving you tooth decay

I am not a girly-girl. But I am seriously hooked with anything that is “cute” and pink. When combined, these two elements are capable of making me putty in front of anything that brings out the high school girl in me.

As long as its cute or/and pink–then I am hooked.

People don’t get this side of me. And I don’t really blame them. Imagine a 30plus office lady collecting dolls, cutesy notebook, huge fluffy pens and ribboned-anything. We got a problem, Houston. My sister, the Queen is one of my staunchest critics when it comes to my fascination with girly-cutesy things. The Queen will immediately point out that a) I am too old to collect Hello Kitty anything, thus my preferred stuff are not really age-appropriate b)it’s not professional to bust out a pink fluffy pen in a middle of an (otherwise) boring meeting c) I am wasting money.

Honestly, I am happy with my choice of stuff. Juvenile-looking, yes. But they also provide a nice break, no–even an escape from the otherwise dreary, ho-hum on grey filing folders and Panda ball pens. They also provide a much needed escape from a usually boring everyday wrestling the needs of the corporation.

The black-rimmed eyeglasses (with pink side) is my current favorite. In fact, I call ’em my “Clark Kent” glasses. They never failed to get raves from people each time I wear them.

The second pic is actually my travel notebook where I painstakingly list details about the country where I am going. The other notebook is also my travel notebook (full of notes from my 2008 trip to Hong Kong). The little black one, with the angry (but CUTE) face of a little black cat contains notes from my Singapore travel last year and notes for the upcoming Korea trip. There’s another little notebook scrawled with notes for my HK 2010 trip. Also in the pic is my fone, clad in a purple Hello Kitty-inspired protector.

Let’s just say that my phone now never fails to get a conversation going just by existing.

I like cute things because I always believed in putting color in all my stuff. These things make me happy, making me forget that I am in a dreary office cubicle where I will be assigned for a very long time. I love cutesy stuffs cos it brings out the youth in me. I love cutesy stuffs cos it reminds me not to take life too seriously.

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  1. fizzywoohoo says:

    ako naman mahilig sa anything na may “skull”. lalo na kung pacute yung item tapos may skulls…ay winner sa akin yan!!!

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