Abouji and me (Day 55 for Project 365)

Passing time bonding with my dad, using the most potent weapon of all:

I tried teaching him how the Koreans do it. Pour a little amount, offer to your drinking partner, drink straight then say, “aiiiiiiisch”. My father had other ideas: he is drinking it straight. No chaser sh*t which he says is for sissies. Instead of doing just that, my father poured me quite a huge share which I drank straigt. I am now feeling woozy and light-headed, no thanks to Soju.


6 thoughts on “Abouji and me (Day 55 for Project 365)

  1. my friend gave me “fresh” soju and i had it nung xmas. it’s the same brand as the above photo, only a different cartoon guy. i tried mixing it with royal tru orange…i didn’t like it. only got to finish half.
    a few weeks later i had dinner with that same friend and we ordered “original” soju (your pic above) and …i loved it! i drank it just as it is! tastes so much better than the “fresh”. when i drank it din, wala ng chaser chaser…but i still drank it in those small glasses para may korean feel diba?

  2. ay wait…i have question…when are you leaving again? i’m thinking of making pabili something…but i’ll deposit money na to your or something. but mejo iniisip ko pa kasi my sister has a friend who’s leaving also.

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