Abouji and me (Day 55 for Project 365)

Passing time bonding with my dad, using the most potent weapon of all:

I tried teaching him how the Koreans do it. Pour a little amount, offer to your drinking partner, drink straight then say, “aiiiiiiisch”. My father had other ideas: he is drinking it straight. No chaser sh*t which he says is for sissies. Instead of doing just that, my father poured me quite a huge share which I drank straigt. I am now feeling woozy and light-headed, no thanks to Soju.

6 Replies to “Abouji and me (Day 55 for Project 365)”

  1. my friend gave me “fresh” soju and i had it nung xmas. it’s the same brand as the above photo, only a different cartoon guy. i tried mixing it with royal tru orange…i didn’t like it. only got to finish half.
    a few weeks later i had dinner with that same friend and we ordered “original” soju (your pic above) and …i loved it! i drank it just as it is! tastes so much better than the “fresh”. when i drank it din, wala ng chaser chaser…but i still drank it in those small glasses para may korean feel diba?

    1. I always liked Soju…it’s like drinking water but with the mean kick.
      What do you know, I got woozy in just 3 shots!

      Hehe! Inom tayo?!? 🙂

  2. ay wait…i have question…when are you leaving again? i’m thinking of making pabili something…but i’ll deposit money na to your or something. but mejo iniisip ko pa kasi my sister has a friend who’s leaving also.

    1. I’m leaving on the afternoon of the 7th.
      Lemme know whatever it is that you need.

      Also, I included a short “daan lang naman”/ stalking to the YG Building in Hongdae area. Nagbabakasakaling nasa labas ang 2NE1 that day. haha!

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