Here’s what I see on my running trail every time.
Yes, that’s our office building who looked so nice against the setting sun.

Day 2 of the Bilbil Chronicles, and yes I still have my amazing love handles. They are safely and happily ensconced on my mid tummy. But I can see a slight improvement from my previous runs. Unlike before that I easily give up after a few meters of continuous running, I managed to go half the trail before I decided to crawl half-walk, half-run. I also managed to do five laps today, a treasure considering my knees are already giving out on me.

Still not something to look forward to but it will do. I have plans of improving my running record for the succeeding runs (we run every Tuesday and Thursday) until I can finally finish one complete lap, without being wheeled out in a stretcher.

But I am glad. I am taking steps to take care of my health and that is always good.