Infinite Seoul!

A quick update on the great Seoul Searching trip.
Zaza Guesthouse finally confirmed our reservation. But as part of their process, I have to email them thrice within the span of two weeks (between now and before date of departure) to inform them that yes, we are coming. It’s one of their requirements apparently to finalize reservation. Given that they do not require their guests to deposit any money to confirm their reservation, I would gladly email them everyday.

Just checked online and apparently, my Blackberry will not work in Korea. I have a Blackberry Curve 8520 and apparently it’s still 2G so no dice 😦 Just when I managed to buy that danged fone a new case with purple kitty ears.

We still do not have a complete itinerary. Hopefully, I’ll get to finish it within the week since we’re just two weeks away from the trip. Managed to also submit my Leave Form notice while “gomenasai-ing” on the powers that be. After all, I will be out of the office for three days and I already dread the possibility of seeing my office email with all the unopened email notices.

From researching and reading online, I am getting a feeling that the sister and I will be walking great distances during our 6 day stay. Not bad for me since this will be my exercise while I’m there. Can’t wait for the first week of March!

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  1. fizzywoohoo says:

    it bears repeating that i’m so inggit…and of course happy at the same time for you and the queen on this trip. you know where i’m coming from kasi haha. kahit na walang celeb sighting, i’m pretty sure you’ll have a grand time. which reminds me…i haven’t yet filed for my vl!!! will do so next week but 2 days lang yung akin.

    *cough*cough* pasalubong ha? *still praying for top and donghae in a box* haha! joke. oooh nga pala baka you’ll find lotte duty free pamphets or something…can you grab me one? (only if there’s a boylet on the cover haha! my friend got me the jang geun suk cover last year)

    eeeeee! 2 more weeks!

    1. lanilakwatsera says:

      I heard nga that Koreans are very friendly, the exact opposite of Singaporeans and HKngers.
      I am sure we will do fine in the “relating” department, knowing I have the tendency to chat up strangers only if I am in a foreign land. Kasi dito sa Pinas, masungit ako. Hehe.

      Don’t be inggit. Am sure you’ll be in Seoul by next year (pinagpray ko na yan!) — like I always tell you, if it’s meant to be, it will be. The universe kinda works in mysterious ways. I am almost done with the itinerary and I am already getting excited to get lost…

      I allotted one day for us to get crazy with anything KPop. So far, I already included trips to Nami Island (Winter Sonata location), a photo op at Shinsegae Dept Store (location for BOF–unfortunately Shinwa Univ is at another province), visit and coffee to The First Shop of Coffee Prince and lastly, a photo op sa station location for My Sassy Girl.

      No need to mention the pasalubong — you know you’ll always be on TOP of my mind 🙂

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