Picture backlogs (Day 48 and 49/Project 365)

Last weekend, I tried to do our Seoul itinerary. But I was so tired so I promptly fell asleep. Apparently, Scarfy had other plans:

The thing is, the Little Bundle of Misery wasn’t contented just chilling beside me as I try to sleep. She has also taken a liking to my blue marker, chasing it across the bed and even across the floor.

This picture reminded me of an old picture which I have when we still have Spark, one of our beloved cats who ran away after my sister moved to Baguio to study. This was almost ten years ago and somehow Spark set the bar so high for some of our other cats.

This was Spark:

Yes, I seriously looked malnourished when I was young.

In our household, the cats weren’t just pets. They somehow manage to rule our world.

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