Looking for a place to stay (Day 50/Project 365)

I love going on trips because there’s nothing I love more than arranging itineraries, looking for places where we can stay and drawing a day to day budget for every trip.

Yet, with less than three weeks to go before we go to Seoul, we have yet to find a place where we can stay. I am really keen on staying at Zaza Backpackers because of the many great reviews I’ve read on the net. I am just waiting for my sister to say “yes” so that I can finally confirm my inquiry with Zaza.

The thing is, this is already our second choice. A good friend recommended Namsan GuestHouse but unfortunately all 3 (yes, there’s a Namsan GuestHouse 1, 2 and 3) are fully booked during the time that we are in Seoul. Zaza comes a close second.

This is also the reason why I’ve been incognito for the last few days (that and the fact that freaking Sky Internet is acting up again)…I’ve been very busy trying to fix our itinerary in Busan and Seoul. I finished drawing up Busan (it’s just one day) and I already booked a hotel (Toyoko Inn). I am stuck now in fixing day 2 (Seoul) and finding a place where we can stay. Hopefully, tomorrow the Queen will give me her decision. My recommendation is to choose Zaza since it’s just in Myeongdong area, central and easy to find.

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  1. fizzywoohoo says:

    awww sayang about the namsan guest house…my officemate till try to book their next stay there when they go back to korea in december…apparently gwapo daw si koyah na nagaassist sa mga guests. haha!

    1. lanilakwatsera says:

      we were finally able to book with Zaza Guesthouse, sister company ng Namsan. Also in the same vicinity.
      Am sure umuulan ng gwapo dun, F!

  2. fizzywoohoo says:

    congratulations! as for the cuties…kanya kanyang trip. had another officemate who went on an official business trip and wala daw pumasa sa standards nya. etong other officemate naman who’s my friend said, every few steps napapatigil sila ng mga friends nya sa dami!

    oh naisip ko yung mga kwentos nila of getting lost–most of the time folks are pretty helpful when you get lost. may time na they asked a young girl (teen or early 20s) and she didn’t know the way so she even called her boyfriend to ask for directions. another time there were these 4 older persons (family/40 up) and they even offered a ride since there were going the same way (i know you might think na baka makidnap sila, but we’re talking senior citizen levels here and they really looked sincere). sana you’ll encounter friendly folks din.

    ay sana maexperience nyo rin yung mga tent tent sa kalye na puedeng kumain at uminom pag gabi? haha. i always see that in dramas. ginawa yan nung friend ko. since di kayo magkakaintindihan ng tindera, think turo-turo style lang. =)

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