A hop, a skip, a heartbeat – an installment of the Bilbil Chronicles (Day 51/Project 365)

healthy living

Took this before I started my 30-minute run after work earlier.
I haven’t been exercising for months now and it showed. I was barely running for five minutes when I started losing air and gasping for dear breath.

As usual, I trailed the pack but couldn’t care less. In my head, I was quite sure that I looked like a munchkin being chased by twenty feral cats. I was slow and prone to stopping…and embarrassing as this may sound, my 40plus year old office mate was making me eat her space dust. She was so fit and so healthy, capable of doing 6 laps in 30 minutes.

I will stick again to the routine, I will lose weight — I swear to God.

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  1. fizzywoohoo says:

    buti ka pa may ginagawa….

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