Love means not having to go on a diet (Day 46/Project 365)

How can I lose weight if the man I married kept on giving me stuff like this:

The hubby and I don’t celebrate Valentines. It’s one of the things that we have discovered early into dating and we both agreed that it’s a date that we won’t really mind NOT doing. We hated the crowds, the fact that people are already waiting for you even when you’re still shoveling spaghetti into your mouth and lastly, that flowers cost five times its normal price.

We have been doing this for the last twelve years of being together and I can foresee an eternity of not being bitten by the love bug.

In spite the Valentines Ban, the hubby gave me a tin can of Cadbury’s Biscuit Chocolate selection. This is something that he has been doing ever since, especially since his mom sends us copious amounts of chocolates from the UK.

Instead of wolfing it all in one sitting, I decided to just take a bite of a piece then save some as my breakie for work the next morning. As much as I love all the chocolate he gives me, the massive flabs that come with it has made me avoid it like the plague, unless it’s Nestle Symphony–then all bets are off.

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