Guess who’s back…?!!!! (Day 44/Project 365)

these are all mine!

Barely a week after her adoption, the little one was returned to us because the girlfriend (of the guy who picked her up) freaking changed her mind. Apparently, the little devil was too frisky for her own liking.

I don’t know — maybe she should have taken up caring for a STUFFED cat or leopard if she wants it not to be “frisky”.

Anyway, we are not complaining. Better that they returned Scarfy back to us than just throw her somewhere (like some irresponsible cat owners). Since the little devil is back, she has started to reclaim her spot in our lives. Here she is sitting on the sheaf of papers containing some of the Hubby’s prized sketches. We were trying to take pictures of them when the little tyrant decided to sit down and make it her sleeping mat.

The Hub and I decided to have Scarfy neutered when she entered her six month. This is the responsible thing to do.

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