The little things that matter (Day 41, 42 & 43/Project 365)

There are little things that makes us smile. For me, it’s my family, my hubby, my cats (especially Sayuri), my toys and comic books, my clothes, shoes and all my fashion accessories. While I was working last Saturday, Sayuri kept on hanging beside me — I don’t know why. I kept on asking her why — if she was hungry or wanted to use the bathroom or if she was hungry cos she would usually harass us with her presence if she wanted kibble.

I kept on pushing her away but no…she kept on hopping up the bed. Here’s Sayu last Saturday:

Day 41

the princess bugging me while I was working

After doing this for about a while, I finally got what her problem was. She just wanted to snuggle beside me. Maybe because she wanted to beside me where its warmer. In spite her notoriety for being the bad ass kitty who slays rodents in her spare time, our Sayuri is still a freaking baby.

Day 42

not recommended for children's night time read

Spent time fixing things inside our already messy room, only to get stalled by the Hubby’s collection of Joker graphic novels. While the Hubby worships the ground Joseph Kerr walks on, he couldn’t care less about Batman. In my husband’s universe, Joker rules over Gotham City. His fascination with Joker has made him a collector of all things Joker. Maybe I’d feature some pictures of his collections in one of my future posts.

Day 43

new clothes!

Nothing quickens my pulse more than a set of new clothes, shoes and accessories. I really don’t care how much they’d cost me and I am not exactly brand conscious. As long as I’d look great in them, I’d wear it for sure. Picked up my see-through Purple long-sleeved blouse for roughly PHP230.00 (about USD 4.50) and a black skirt with lace inlay for just PHP200.00 (USD 4.00). The shoes were purchased through a catalog and just cost me USD 3.00.

I realized that nothing stresses me more in the mornings than looking for something to wear. After bath, I usually spend a good part of the morning running around in circles, butt hanging out, digging for clothes which I can wear to work. After a good 30 minutes of trying things on and chucking it back to my closet, I rush to work, late as usual. Hopefully, since I have my clothes ready for tomorrow, I can skip the usual ordeal and have a great and worry-free Monday morning.

3 Replies to “The little things that matter (Day 41, 42 & 43/Project 365)”

  1. when i first saw the post, i thought the graphic novels were yours…

    i wanted to share lang that i loved the uncanny xmen growing up (xmen during the 90s). i loved the artwork and the stories. sana, when the budget permits it, i’ll get to start my own xmen collection.

    also i have this friend who’s big on batman naman. she buys the graphic novels also…but she’s like your hubby i guess kasi she can distinguish artists and she won’t just buy any novel…it has to be the artists that she loves.

    1. The Joker novels were Mike’s while I collect Superman graphic novels. MY favorite so far is Earth One by J. Michael Strazynski and Superman Grounded due to the storylines. J. Michael is a great writer 🙂

      Looking forward to hearing that you already have your own graphic novels 🙂

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