Dove Hair Care – the real deal on amazing, manageable hair

Ok, let’s get one thing straight: this is not a sponsored post. But with the way my hair is behaving for the last two days, I think I should contact people from Unilever and pay them for bringing Dove Hair Care here in the Philippines.

I am also not well-versed on make-up, hair care or skin care. Hence, the fact that I chose to write about my every day adventures and not concentrate on being a beauty blogger. Ask me to write about make-up and all that and it will be like asking me to solve a really basic calculus problem: possible but not happening in this lifetime.

Anyway as I mentioned, I think I have to pay the good people of Unilever for bringing Dove Hair Care here in the Philippines. I know there are tons of hair care products in the market today and there’s one that’s being launched I think every six months. To tell you frankly, I think I pretty much tried all of them.

OK, let’s talk about my hair. I have thick, wavy unruly hair that has a tendency to balloon in size when it’s hot and humid. It doesn’t help that I have sub-zero IQ when it comes to fixing my hair. My daily morning routine usually allowed me just to towel dry my hair and fix it in a tight bun when it’s starting to get frizzy and floppy at the same time.

Here’s what I usually look like:

floppy hair being held back by my hairband

And when things get humid and hot — and the hair starts acting up, I whip out my ponytail and it’s definitely going up:

hahaha! this pic never fails to crack me up!

I can always have my hair rebonded or styled if I want to. But I refuse to spend more than five hundred bucks on my hair, except for hair coloring which I am maintaining since I vowed that I will never go back to black hair ever again. So to spend 2,000 to 4,000 bucks just to ensure that I will not look like the long lost sister of the Jackson 5 (circa 1970s) is definitely out of the question. The fact that my hair has been subjected to the harshest chemicals possible due to intense coloring further aggravates the matter.

But what do you know? There’s hope for my hair after all!

picture not mine
picture not mine

I am using the pink variant (Smooth and Silky) for my shampoo while I am using the gold one (Nourishing Oil Care — not sure what it’s called) for my conditioner, and wow–I am loving the results. My hair was finer and not frizzy, in spite the humid weather. And since I am perpetually running late and just have time for a quick brush and half-ponytail before I rush out of the door this morning, I was expecting my hair to look wavy and thick as usual. But no, my hair actually cooperating and not giving me grief for the last two days.

Lookie here:


Seriously, I just ran my fingers through my hair and fixed it the same way I always do. It’s smooth, silky and very soft to the touch. For once in my life, I am seriously in love with my hair.

Apparently, Dove Hair Care managed to tame the hopeless beast (that is my long suffering hair). I now need to buy this in batches as I fear that once girls realized that this shampoo and conditioner duo really works, then it will be hard for me to buy my stash.

There are times when you just have to throw caution to the wind, and be effing selfish.

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