Freedom & Foreboding (Days 36 & 37/Project 365)

Day 36

green, green grass on my ugly feet

What are you most conscious about?
Me? It’s not the huge junk-on-my-trunk or the protruding belly which I developed after gaining a few pounds. Oh no, I am most conscious about my feet. Ideally, a woman’s feet should be dainty, nice looking especially after a cute pedicure and smooth. Well, mine were none of those things.

My feet were similar to that of a twelve year old girl. A girl who spent time chasing bugs on magical gardens, barefoot. They were full of callouses, testament to my propensity to walk just effin anywhere. I love walking and boy, I walk really fast to the point people assume that I have wheels attached on my heel.

I don’t mind having the feet of a prepubescent–the dudes were my partner in all my adventures and even if they look really pathetic, they knew I love them like mad.

Day 37


Oh God, seven freaking days of mad anticipation 🙂

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