Giving a piece of my heart away

my little Scarface
scarfy and her boss

Scarface or “Scarfy”, our little bundle of energy went to her new home today, and I feel like I have died inside. We call her Scarface due to the distinct pattern and mix of colors on her face. She is one of Sayuri’s kittens out of her second litter and she was the one who managed to earn the affection of The Hubby.

Unfortunately, we just have too many cats at home to accommodate her further. The Hubby had also told me that one of his office mates already expressed interest that he wanted to adopt one of our kittens last Christmas. Imagine, Christmas? I was just so emotionally attached to Scarfy to even let her go.

But since Sayuri gave birth to her third litter, there’s really no denying that I can’t hold on to Scarfy any further. I had to let her go.

This is why I hate getting attached to things, people and even animals or pets. Every time someone goes away, I feel like my heart is being ripped into a million little pieces. Ever since I was young, I’ve always loved pets — the numerous cats and dogs that I have taken care of for half my life, even the occasional chicken who I nurtured, and which may dad promptly turned into Pinoy chicken adobo when it became too big. I couldn’t bring myself to even taste the steaming dish cos it felt like cannibalism.

Anyway, until now I still feel like crying especially when my sister, The Queen showed me Scarfy’s video on her iPhone. I just need to convince myself that what we did is for her own well-being. That she will now be with a family that will take care of her. At least, at her new home, she doesn’t have to kowtow to other cats (especially to a cat like Nero, my dad’s cat, who derived pleasure by hurting other cats here at home); and that she will no longer have to share her food with five more cats and their numerous off springs.

This experience has steeled my resolve to have all my cats spayed (yes, that’s you Sayuri) as soon as they’re able. In Sayuri’s case, that will be in 3 months (by mid-May) and Midnight, the black kitten will have to be neutered as soon as he hits his sixth month. I really don’t wanna go through this again, giving up kittens and pets just because you can no longer afford to take care of them. We have to be responsible pet owners. It’s about time I start with myself.

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