Sunday afternoon (Day 36/Project 365)

easy like a sunday...afternoon

It’s my mother in law’s birthday today — so the Hubby and I spent the whole afternoon with them in Paranaque.

It was very laid-back and relaxed. Spent time talking about music (Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young/ Beatles/ Seals and Crofts/ England Dan & John Ford Colley/ Rolling Stones) with my father-in-law who is a big audiophile and was quite a wicked lead guitarist during his younger years. We BBQ’d some salmon, feasted on fried chicken and drank San Mig Light while I watch the skies change from fiery red to dusk.

Later in the afternoon, my father-in-law brought out all his old music pedals, old amps and his old electric guitar (30 years old and still insanely wicked) and wow, even busted the old turn table for our gawking pleasure. He joked that we should draw lots on whoever will get the musical instruments when he passed on.

Will post maybe tomorrow all his old instruments. So ancient and cool, all at the same time.

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