Taking chances/Unexplained Art (Day 34 and Day 35/Project 365)

Day 34

scary spice.

I am married to a very gifted dude who loves to draw and writes poetry and short stories. The thing is, this dude I married had a fascination with the world of knights and castles, of monsters and things we’d rather not understand. Just this evening, I caught him all hunched up on our bed, barely glancing up for a few hours tinkering with something from his notebook.

When I finally did pried the notebook away from him, this is what I saw. I don’t know if I will regret posting one of his drawings here. As you can see, they’re not exactly ponies and the usual landscape art. He draws things like these, things that can gives me nightmares. Definitely, I am amazed on just how good and deep his imagination is. He has a way of giving birth to unimaginable creatures that probably exist only in our dreams and nightmares. I always tell him that he is really good, yet the unfortunate thing is he is not given the break that he deserves. Recently, he passed a sample of his cartoon strip to a local publication, with hopes of being considered to be one of the pub’s comic artists. Whatever may be the outcome, I will remain in awe of this person whose imagination is truly limitless.

Day 35


In preparation for the great madness that is my so-called “Seoul Searching”, me and the Queen went to the mall to get our visa pictures taken. Consider this, we (I’d like to think positive and claim that yes, I am going)are leaving in less than a month. In less than a month, but yours truly is still without a visa or a plane ticket or moneys to fund the trip. The money — I am already confident that two upcoming salaries would take care of my expenses in Seoul. What I am secretly afraid of is getting the visa and buying the ticket. For the visa, I am confident of completing all my requirements and just leaving it up to the One Up Above if I will be granted a visa or not. If the Lord will give a visa, then it is definitely a sign that I really should go–ticket or no ticket. Of course, I can always purchase one anytime, the problem is that by this time, it is already obscenely expensive.

Whatever. The principle is if I am granted a visa, it means the universe wants me to go. Who am I then to stand between fate coming into fruition?

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