The way I used to be (Day 32/Project 365)

who's that girl?

I saw this while checking my Facebook photos to check if there are cringe-worthy pics in my album.
This is what I found.

It felt like seeing a different person who lived a decade ago. This girl was a lifestyle reporter without any trace of worries in the world. Basically, it’s just how to survive another dressing down from our strict but utterly effective lifestyle editor. This was the girl who barely had any concerns, who spent time hanging out on the office caf and partying the night away in one of Manila’s party districts. Another thing, this girl was still clueless that in a just eight months after this picture was taken, she will meet the guy who she will eventually marry.

But enough of the emotional shit (which I am usually prone to dispensing on you guys) — the bottom line of this pic, including the chubby kid fingers touching the computer screen longingly, is LOOK AT MY EFFING BOD. Man, I look so good — I actually have a waist line in this picture. Who would have thought that after just ten years, I’d be so big I can double for one of the penguins featured in “Happy Feet”. This girl has a banging body that it should be displayed prominently as much as possible (think yours truly lounging on the beach wearing an uber cute swimsuit). Heck, if I have that body, I’d done my swimsuit with any slight provocation.

After looking LONGINGLY and SADLY on that picture for a good 15 minutes, I finally decided that I have to stop ranting and whining and just do something about it.

If I want to procreate and start looking like a presentable human being, I will have to start working out. Oh God, if I have to run twenty times from our house to the Makati Central Business District just to get this body, I will.

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