Taking chances (Day 31/Project 365)

taking my chances

I always believed that life has a way of surprising us humans. We will never know if taking chances, or taking a gamble will pay off…

…hence, I lined up, along with hundred and hundreds of Filipinos taking a gamble for a better life just for a better life.

What would you do if you win more than 160 MILLION pesos?

2 Replies to “Taking chances (Day 31/Project 365)”

  1. How much is 160 million pesos in Swedish coins? I have no idea, but lets say that it is a lot :.-) I would by myself some land and build a big great house with a sauna, a private temple, a conference room, an office for me and another one for my husband, then a second office for me and my writing, three guest rooms with a whirlpool in each and one of them, a big! kitchen, a dining room with open fire, a garage, and a swimming pool for everyone to use. A maid off course, and my own chef. I private jet that could land in my garden, because my garden is BIG with all the fruit and veggies you could imagine.

    1. Hi Maggie,
      First, thank you for visiting my blog. I checked over at XE.com (I really did!) and apparently, PHP160M is SEK25M!
      Wow, I already envisioned your dream house! It was so good!

      Hmmmn, what would I do with PHP160M? I’d probably build my parents a home, then I’ll definitely travel the world. I am a girl of simple needs 🙂
      I just need my suitcase, my passport, plane tickets and the money I won and I am good 🙂

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