Taking chances (Day 31/Project 365)

taking my chances

I always believed that life has a way of surprising us humans. We will never know if taking chances, or taking a gamble will pay off…

…hence, I lined up, along with hundred and hundreds of Filipinos taking a gamble for a better life just for a better life.

What would you do if you win more than 160 MILLION pesos?

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  1. How much is 160 million pesos in Swedish coins? I have no idea, but lets say that it is a lot :.-) I would by myself some land and build a big great house with a sauna, a private temple, a conference room, an office for me and another one for my husband, then a second office for me and my writing, three guest rooms with a whirlpool in each and one of them, a big! kitchen, a dining room with open fire, a garage, and a swimming pool for everyone to use. A maid off course, and my own chef. I private jet that could land in my garden, because my garden is BIG with all the fruit and veggies you could imagine.

    1. lanilakwatsera says:

      Hi Maggie,
      First, thank you for visiting my blog. I checked over at XE.com (I really did!) and apparently, PHP160M is SEK25M!
      Wow, I already envisioned your dream house! It was so good!

      Hmmmn, what would I do with PHP160M? I’d probably build my parents a home, then I’ll definitely travel the world. I am a girl of simple needs 🙂
      I just need my suitcase, my passport, plane tickets and the money I won and I am good 🙂

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