My own fortress of solitude (Day 28/ Project 365)

Solitude in silence

Feeling a bit frustrated with the cards I am dealt with at the Grindhouse.
I have always taken my responsibilities seriously–even to a fault. I am committed to my job, and very conscious of my output.

So when someone accused me of being “slow” with my work, I took the remarks to heart. I took offense. Not because I can’t handle the criticism but because I know I work hard and I take my responsibilities seriously. So to say I am slow when I am juggling three things at the same time is not only insulting but also disheartening.

This feeling of sadness overtook me last Friday that I had no choice but to leave early and spend time guzzling multiple cups of bitter coffee at UCC, gloating to no one but myself. Imagine men knocking back six packs and beers on a deserted bar, shooting the breeze and maybe cursing whoever might be causing them trouble at work. Well, translate that to a coffee shop and yes, you will have me. I haven’t felt that frustrated in a very long time and for the first time, I decided to re-assess my current standing at the Grindhouse.

Do not get me wrong, I love the Grindhouse and its many crazy inhabitants, but like good ol’ Supes I also have a weakness. I may be always take charge of things and my thick skin might make me come off as a “take-no-prisoners” go-getter, but hey I get emotional too.

During moments like this, I’ve found out that I do well just seething in silence. Somehow, there’s peace in staying quiet, peace that is so elusive when you have a couple of friends giving you advice. For times like this, I automatically shut down and lose interest to any form of human communication. I do well handling rejection and criticism when I am on my own, guzzling coffee and staring in space. Silence — my version of Superman’s Fortress Solitude. Unlike the guy in blue who has to fly to North Pole, all I need is a corner space, newly brewed coffee and the company of myself to escape from it all.

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