Lee Min Ho’s “City Hunter” off to an interesting start

It’s been a while since I watched a good Korean drama. I used to spend time scouring Makati Cinema Square (the haven for pirated DVDs in my city) buying Korean and Japanese dramas to pass time. But since I have become too boring and pre-occupied with my job (woe is me) I haven’t watched a good drama for a very long time. The last one I watched was “You’re Beautiful” where I fell madly in love with Jung Yong Hwa, or more specifically, with his character, Kang Shin-woo whose tormented look always managed to tear me to pieces.

Speaking of Yong Hwa, I’ve seen his new drama “Heartstrings” and I wasn’t that moved or interested with his character. This again cemented my hunch that it is not Jung Yong Hwa which I adored but rather Kang Shin Woo who till this day–for me–was one of the best characters ever to come out of SK’s celluloid.

Anyway, back to City Hunter.

City Hunter is the story of Lee So Young, a young MIT graduate from the US who now works at the Blue House for the National Communication Network Team. He is known for possessing elite skills as an I.T. engineer. But behind the so called IT prodigy is a ruthless killer buoyed by a mission to kill five people responsible for the death of his true father.

The thing is, his father and his adoptive father were bodyguards in the Presidential Palace. Following a tragic bombing masterminded by North Korean terrorists, both men were recruited by five high ranking government officials to spearhead a covert mission to kill 30 North Korean high ranking officials in retaliation for the explosion. The two recruited highly-skilled former soldiers who carried out the task with such efficiency, it’s almost cold blooded. The thing is, the five guys changed their minds just when the mission is ongoing because they don’t want to offend the SK-US partnership. In the end, the five pulled the plug on the mission, ordering a hit against the 21 men who risked their lives. The men were killed while attempting to to come close to the submarine which they thought was sent to fetch them.

Lee So Young’s adoptive father, Lee Jin-Pyo survived because So Young’s real father gave up his life by pushing Jin-Pyo deeper into the water when the sniper trained his gun in their direction. Jin-Pyo, fueled by hatred and guided by his promise to his friend that he will avenge his death, stole So Young from his also raises the baby and eventually trains him into an elite soldier.


Naaaah, am just playing with you. I am sure there’s a lot more that will happen after that. It’s just, the drama aired just last Monday so that’s the farthest being shown to us here in the Philippines. BUT thing is, instead of moving forward I kinda wanted to move back. The back story is so good it’s a shame that it’s ending because the story is now moving of course, to story of the main protagonist played by Lee Min Ho.

I was just impressed with how good the back story was and frankly speaking, I am the kind of girl who easily gets impressed with all the military shite happening on the back story, the submarine, the fake Pyongyang-y buildings, the amazing stunts — give me that in just two days of local airing, and I am hooked. I just hope that (now that the story is exploring the two protagonists) there won’t be too much of the people falling in love and getting gooey-eyed.

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  1. My officemate gave me a copy on my external drive…have yet to watch it since I’ve got so many “pending” for watching but this looks promising. The common kdrama story is usually rom/com/drama na love story right? (which I love) But you know I’ve taken a liking to their action stories as well like Iris (Top as one bad@ss assassin! plus there are scenes shot in a small village in good ol Japan!) and Poseidon (with Siwon of Suju; not as amazing as Iris but maganda yung story) A good kdrama I watched during the holidays was “Scent of a Woman”, locally it was titled “Helena’s Promise”…it’s less comedy & more drama…about a woman who has been diiagnosed with gallbladder (?) cancer and decides to finally give the finger to everybody who’s ever been mean to her and live her life–she quits her job, goes on a trip and starts completing her bucket list. I like the ending too…hindi patronizing…but totoo lang. It’s a super thumbs up and I hope you can get to watch it when you have the time.

    Haven’t watched Heartstrings even though it’s shown on Ch2. Ang daming cut sabi ng officemate ko and it only ran a month (today’s the last ep) but I’ll give it a chance. As for Yong Hwa…alam mo I like him better as a musician…I’m beginning to think that I like CN Blue more than FT Island. Props to them for playing their own instruments but sometimes maarte kumanta si Hong Ki hehe

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