And so, Friday was declared a “dress down day” (Day 26/ Project 365)

looking for inspiration

Just when I thought the grindhouse is the epitome of “boring” and “without any emotion” at all — a great cheer exploded on the busy and paper-filled floor of my penthouse office.

The reason: human resources has declared that Fridays will be–starting tomorrow and every Friday thereafter– will be known as dress down Fridays. With the cheers and the excited chatter that filled up the whole office floor, you would thought that the Queen of England has sent us all letters saying we are now official UK citizens.

For a good 15 minutes, I heard my good ol’ (adorable) office mates excitedly discussing what they can wear, if it’s acceptable to wear a slightly frayed jeans (it’s not — frayed, torn, mangled jeans are not allowed, if flat women’s sandals will be acceptable and so on and so forth you would think we are attending New York effin’ Fashion Week.

Anyway, I was smiling earlier — listening to the inane chatter, feigning coolness. Fast forward a few hours later and yes, I have all my CanCam, Vivi and Nonno magazines scattered on the bed while I scout for ideas.

Yes, this is the highlight of the day. When you lead a predictable 8 to 5 life, don’t even think you have access to excitement and too much action.

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