Day 24 and 25 (Project 365)

Day 24


Day 25

it's not a newly-discovered type of supernatural being -- it's just my cat

The lack of a post yesterday is due to the weird internet connection we have here at home. The firewall kept acting up thus limiting access to the internet. And wow, did I tell you that I managed to be sick again following three days of being confined in bed? Yeah, good times indeed!

I had a great dinner last night with my good friend A at Figaro, our favorite go-to place after a harrowing day at work. Before that, we lined up to try our luck at the local lottery. Who wouldn’t? The pot was already at PHP130M (about 2.8M USD) when we placed our bets and I will be lying if that wouldn’t change our lives. A is the youngest in her family and the breadwinner in the family. At a very young age, she is already showing signs of stress due to too much work. And then, there’s me: more than a decade of being a corporate slave, married for three years, with a savings account that doesn’t really account to much. Imagine what PHP130M can do to change our lives.

Anyway, Figaro has always been our favorite go-to place to de-stress and take stock of our miserable working conditions. Recently we have come to discussing about the person who is revealed to be such a pompous ass it pains us to be even closely associated with him. We talked about how we are working ourselves to our early graves. The funny thing is, after our initial discussion, the waiter (and his adorable dimples) came over and gave us the smiley pin. We can pin that in the tab if we thoroughly enjoyed the service.

Thing is, Figaro has always been a favorite of mine. The Hubby and I went there on our very first date, and that was what thirteen years ago? It has been a part of my life ever since. The fact that it is quiet, no muzak and you can pretty much be in your own cocoon makes it my most favorite coffee shop ever.

The next picture is not a newly discovered specie of monster or supernatural being. That’s Sayuri, our adorable yet utterly crazy cat…sleeping the world’s worries away.

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