I see you (Day 22/ Project 365)

Still not feeling well. I can barely swallow due to my sore throat and the head aches kept coming back.
Anyway, being trapped here at home has its perks: for one, not going out this weekend meant that we managed not to spend too much money hanging out. Basically, we spent a lot of money on my meds and I pretty much drained my hubby’s resources due to this illness.

Again, I am blessed to have this person by my side. He never had a proper sleep and rest since he’s been taking care of me for the last two days. Three years into our marriage, I am still surprised on how lucky I am for having this person by my side.

I guess, I posted about his finer qualities before but each time I get sick, I am reminded of how blessed I am to share my life with this person. For the last two days, he’s been checking my temperature, giving me meds at the right time round the clock, changing my sweat-drenched clothes, cooking food to feed me and even massaging my head during bouts with headache. I am sure I have done a lot of bad things in my life, but I am convinced that I have done something right at least once to merit this person in my life.

For all the times when I feel like he is not doing his share in keeping this marriage intact, I am always reminded that I am mistaken. It’s unfortunate that I always see his weaknesses, but I am not aware of his strengths.

So to this person who shared his life with me — I just want to say that I see the little things you do to help our little family, the sacrifices that you make for me…I see you. I always do.

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