Wrapped around my finger (Day 19/ Project 365)

"hey there!" my owl ring says "hi!"

Sometimes, it’s the littlest things that make the impact.
Wore my “owl” and ribbon connector ring to work today. These two always get the desired reaction and always at the right time.

Bought the Owl ring (which also looks like a cat) at a local clothing shop called today for PHP150 (roughly $3) as a last-minute impulse buy after splurging on new shoes (brogues, what else?). The connector ring is also a last minute impulse buy, also for PHP150 ($3) on another clothing shop “YRYS”. Thing is, I walked into YRYS just as I was hurrying to go back to work following a long and heavy lunch at the nearby mall. But just as I was near the door, I saw this cute satchel on the YRYS display window that I had to go back (much to the annoyance and inconvenience of my office mates), picked up the satchel literally from the display and hand it over to the cashier to pay for it. The connector ring was on display on the cashier area and I just had to buy it too.

So, that’s how I buy stuff, people. I am not the type to think it through. If I like something, I will definitely buy it on the spot (granted that it’s affordable and not ridiculously expensive). But if I don’t like it, no amount of coaxing, trying it on and even sweet talking will make me purchase it. I managed to go on shopping dates with a few girl friends where I ended up not buying anything simply I didn’t like any of what the stores are offering.

These two rings are currently my “pick-me-upper” and the added dash of sass for dreary days at the office when yours truly couldn’t care less.

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