Am just a girl (Day 17/ January 17, 2012/ Project 365)

a girl's tools

I am boyish. In high school, I passed time hanging out with boys than doing those girly-girl stuff with my classmates from my exclusive, all-girls school.

I have a tendency to speak like a boy, I do not possess the finesse and the gentleness that is expected among women. I talk rapidly and loudly (especially when I am excited), and I walk like I have a five-ton back pack on my shoulders. The thing is, until I was in university, I was a bit of a tomboy that my mother even questioned my sexuality and God forbid, probably asked the women in her church group to pray for me.
For what it’s worth, I think the prayers worked cos as soon as I entered university and saw the utterly unfashionable drawing prodigy that was my classmate and first serious heart break, my heart went all a-flutter. I ditched the boy-next-door posturings pronto and started wearing hanging shirts (back when my tummy was decent) and school girl type plaid skirt that probably made him took notice for a while. (That was before he proceeded to breaking my juvenile heart into five million little pieces).

Anyway, when I finally grew up (?), started working, met the love of my life (the hubby, of course!) and started having a career, I also started tinkering with make-up.

I remember distinctly the my first make-up set was a Johnson’s & Johnson’s Face Powder, an Avon pink lipstick from their teen line and a bottle of Pretty when Pinched, a cheek tint from Bench, a local clothing and lifestyle brand. From my first make-up set back in senior year in college until the first three years of my working life, these were my essentials.

Then I started experimenting with make-up brands from Avon, Mary Kay (both paid staggered which was common with local dealers), Clean and Clear and Maybelline. Then I started getting posh (for a bit) experimenting on foundation, lipsticks and eye color shades from The Face Shop, which I think is one of the best soruces of make-up and skin care locally.

The picture above is my current make-up set. The L’Oreal palette was a gift from the hubby, along with the three tubes of Maybelline lipstick: #132 in Sweet Pink, #240 in Galactic Mauve and # 625 in Iced Caramel. The tubes came with a Volumizing Mascara. Please do not ask me how the hubby chose the colors, most likely he chose anything that wouldn’t bee too flashy and just purchased it. He told me that he hated flashy colors and that he also hated that I bring too many make-up to work when I don’t even use them all–hence the palette. If you were to ask me which color was the best, I am more partial to Galactic Mauve which has an understated but beautiful sheen.

This morning, I bought Cover Girl Aqua Sheen foundation and a volumizing mascara from L’Oreal. I think I have enough make-up to last me until half of this year, or until my hand starts getting itchy again and I find myself inside The Face Shop, hoarding eye shadows in various shades of pink and blue.

Will try a photo wearing these girly tools but I am not a skillful make-up artist (I tend to apply make-up based on the principle of coloring or painting– color blending and to make sure that I look like a girl and not like a clown) and I wouldn’t want you to lose your lunch.

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