Comfort is relative (Day 16/January 16, 2012/Project 365)

Comfort represents a lot in each and everyone of us. The thing that brings me joy and contentment can mean nothing to you. This Monday evening, after a hard day at work juggling a looong meeting and various what-not in between…I am getting my refuge on the happy, little things currently on my plate. Piatos Cheese, 4 pieces of Ferrero Rocher chocolate, 2 packs of Malaysian coconut biscuits and a can of good ol’ pineapple juice.

I am passing time reviewing lessons from “Japanese for Today”, a book I filched from one of my old companies. (To my defense: I saw the book gathering dust on a forgotten cupboard, I took it home and forgot to return it after I resigned. I figured that I can afford to give it a better home lounging on my bed than being tucked on some dusty cupboard).

I am staying away from chocolates, hence the occasional Ferrero but nothing more than that. I had a pantry full of chocolates the whole December but I ended giving it all away to my mom, brother and sister. I barely touched anything in spite the tins of chocolates teasing me like hell. Yes, I am starting to get more self-control.

I tried the cookies and I think they’re not for me–they have the consistency of saw dust and this weird aftertaste…euuuw, I think I am letting the hubby eat the rest of it for me. I’ve also stopped drinking coke for seven months now, hence I am limited to pineapple juice and good old agua. Sprite, if I am feeling tempted.

Looking forward to finishing this post–I have a chapter to finish after all, and oh—an exam on the use of Kore Wa, Sore Wa and Are Wa 🙂

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