Watching TV

Most of the time, I sulk inside my bedroom and tinker with the PC or read a really good book. Then I open the TV to serve as background noise. I need ambient noise so that I can mask the fact that I am alone (stuck with a bratty cat, most likely) while the hubby works two jobs.

Here’s Philippine TV today:
1. I opened the TV at 730PM, and was able to catch the evening news. Typical Pinoy problems: rising oil cost, traffic, an old man died in a housefire :(, various BS from duly elected officials especially with an impeachment looming. But do you know which snippet of current affairs that’s currently on heavy rotation on local news? The TV coverage of the birthday of the wife of Philippines’ top boxer. The news program showed the couple canoodling on the yacht and under the stars. The boxer promised “he is now a new man”. Two days of watching TV and I saw the same news four times in just 48 hours! After the news, I kept the TV on and endured the plot twists and turns of Filipino soap operas. Oh, they finally got to find the missing girl on that drama titled about her missing. And just when they finally got to find her, she died. Yes, life sucks…even on celluloid.

2. Finally, it’s my secret (which is not so secret considering I always mention it here) indulgence’s time on the boob tube. Here’s a thought: why do they call it “boob tube” anyway? Somehow, I envision two mounds of breast with screens attached to it. I know, I am sick 🙂 Anyway, back to my “secret indulgence” — Pinoy Big Brother (PBB), what else! I know I look like I don’t care much of the time, but PBB brings out the inner voyeur in me! As in secret chismosa! Predictably, I am rooting for the japanese dude to win, Seiichi Ushimi because he looks like he used to dance part-time for Johnny’s Jimusho! Hehehe! And yeah, I also like the seemingly innocent “promdi” guy, Biggel. But I am scared for him when he finally comes out of the office. Manila–and it’s various eccentricities–will effing eat him alive! And yeah, I am also rooting for Tin (the daughter of a famous basketball star) cos the girl has her morals and her values intact.

What I don’t like about this show is the fact that the local big brother or “kuya” is turning into like the ringleader from hell. I swear, this show has been toying with the emotions of the housemates to new hellish levels. I mean, just throw the losers out of the house, dammit and move on. No need to make them suffer and feel like they’re eternally walking on eggshells and with the guillotine waiting for them, every single freaking day. It’s a reality show with twists of hellish proportions. Hopefully, no one goes out of the house damaged with all of kuya’s mind games.

3. When PBB ended, I surfed channels and here’s what I found:
– Python Hunters at discovery channel. why is it that every time I surf channels and it landed on the Discovery Channel, I always catch the part where they show the snake up close?
– the freaks of Jersey Shore were grinding their body against one another in a lifestyle channel
– War has claimed many lives in Syria says CNN
– Two guys are hell bent on making one another bleed on the UFC channels. such a waste of gorgeous faces.
– Some crap reality show about hair.

Watching TV gives you option paralysis. Out of all the crappy shows, which one will you choose?

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