Little Dreams (Day 12/ Jan 12, 2012/ Project 365)


These pictures reflect the simple wishes and dreams of these children. Some who can barely afford paying for the basic necessities at school. Have you tried cramming yourself inside a classroom with 59 other kids.You share pencils and share pads because there wasn’t enough for everyone? These kids do every single day. Their teachers teach 1,500 kids, ranging from section 1 to 28 for just one grade level alone.

I love how kids looked so innocent and carefree. You know, even if these kids were a whirlwind of activity and were like little Tazmanian Devils personified, the look on their faces were priceless when they opened their boxes.

It’s a pretty tiring day. The grindhouse had a gift giving project and I was the co-organizer from our side. We gave out shoe boxes containing school supplies and other educational materials to more than 300 grade 2 students, with about 700 boxes more left for the school administrator to dispatch.

For just a few bucks, you can fill up an old ALDO box with school supplies and donate it to kids from indigent families. In our case, we partnered with the organization of business processing companies in the country and participated in their annual “My Dreams in a Shoebox” program.

I wish the kids will realize that no one needs expensive pencils, bags or pad papers in order to succeed in life. It’s determination, faith in God and good intentions that make a man (or woman).

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